Why Choose Giselle Bedding?

Wide Range

With Giselle Bedding, you have a wide choice of beddings and linen that range from mattresses to toppers to electric blankets and everything else in between to ensure your sleep is perfectly matched to your exacting requirements. Better still, the range is also priced competitively so that you never ever need to forgo quality for affordability.

Innovative Comfort

Sleeping technology has come a long way from the days of just ensuring that you have a comfortable mattress. How you sleep, the type of mattress you use, and the comfort and support it provides are all taken into consideration in producing every Giselle Bedding product.  From materials and finishing to coil springs systems and zonal support, we implement these innovative technologies in our relevant products so that every morning is always a good one for you.

Warranties and Guaranties

Shopping for a Giselle Bedding product is simple and effortless. We deliver right to your doorstep so that you can have access to your Giselle Bedding mattress or product as hassle-free as possible. What’s more, some of our mattresses provide lengthy warranties from 5 to 15 years and additional customer guarantees for total peace-of-mind use. Together with our friendly and helpful customer service, you can be assured that owning a Giselle Bedding product is a pleasant experience in more ways than one.



Euro top, pillow top or tight top, you will find that a Giselle Bedding mattress is not just only about sensational sleep but also a better quality of life for you. Incorporating all the innovations and technologies of premium mattress production, every Giselle Bedding mattress is made for serious comfort, ample support and undisturbed rest. Nothing is left to chance to ensure that every part of our mattress is designed to please in ways uncompromised.


A mattress topper is a simple and effective way to rejuvenate your existing mattress or transform your new mattress from good to great. Featuring a fascinating array of fillings, gels and foam with equally luxurious fabric covers, our topper is overly generous with softness and comfort. The topper also helps to improve air flow, dissipate unnecessary heat and provide firmness and support where it matters.

Bedding and linen

Having a great mattress is just part of the story of a good night’s sleep. And we make that sleep even more enjoyable with our rich variety of quality pillows, bedsheets and mattress protectors. With meticulous workmanship and premium materials, every piece of our beddings and linen is made with undivided care and devotion to your utmost comfort.

Heated Bedding

Never let the chills ruin your precious sleep again when you can have the warmth and comfort of a Giselle Bedding fully fitted 100% polyester electric blanket to help you stay warm and cosy throughout your forty winks. Better still, our heated throw rugs are also great to take your mind off the cold while catching up on your reading or favourite TV entertainment.