A cosy setting with fairy lights, scented reeds, candles, a cup of tea and a good book in bed.

How to Choose Electric Blankets for Warm and Cosy Winter Nights

Electric blankets can keep you warm all through the night for a fraction of the cost of your central heating. Check out the Giselle Bedding Buying Guide for top tips on choosing the right electric blanket for you and your family.

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With some sewing supplies and a little creativity, you can turn old pillows into new decor easily.

9 Ways to Repurpose your Old Pillows

Need new pillows but not sure what to do with your old ones? Giselle Bedding has 9 tips to repurpose your pillows and keep them out of the landfill.

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The perfect bed sheets not only match your home decor but are comfortable and breathable through any weather.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying New Bed Sheets

Finding the right sheets are essential for a good night’s sleep. Read this comprehensive guide by the sleep experts at Giselle Bedding and find the right bed sheets for you and your family today.  

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