9 Ways to Repurpose your Old Pillows

With some sewing supplies and a little creativity, you can turn old pillows into new decor easily.

When your favourite pillow has lost its cosy feel and no longer supports you, it’s time to bid your pillow adieu. It can be hard to part with your favourite, most-used part of your bed, but you should be replacing your pillows every one to two years. Your pillows tend to carry a lot of things on them including saliva, dead skin cells, oils, makeup, mould and even dust mites, so you should think twice before keeping that special pillow you’ve had since high school.

If that feels wasteful to you, don’t worry! There are plenty of different ways that you can repurpose your old pillows instead of sending them straight to the landfill. It doesn’t matter if you’re repurposing or recycling, there's a clever solution that will help you save money and save the environment.

Let’s dive deep into how you can repurpose your old pillows creatively and affordably.

Touch up your younger pillows

Got some pillows that could use extra love, but aren’t quite ready for the dumpster? Use the stuffing from your oldest pillows to support your newer ones. Pillows begin to flatten over time as weight and moisture compress the materials - this method makes them supportive again so they last that little bit longer.

You can easily fix many pillow problems with a needle and thread.

Give them to your pets

We’ve all been there: you buy a brand new bed for your pet but they still prefer to sleep on your freshly made bed or your laundry basket. Make your pet’s bed extra cosy by adding your old pillows. Remove the old stuffing and add it into a new pet bed to refresh the filling and transfer your smell so your pet will feel right at home, or you can just throw the old pillow right in the bed. Make sure you cover the old pillows with a soft, sturdy pillowcase to prevent your pets from chewing through the fabric. Your furry friends will thank you as they cuddle into a comfortable, familiar bed that has been pre-fluffed for their pleasure.

Pets love to be near us, which means they love sleeping on our old pillows.

Make your own floor cushions

If you have a lot of pillows to reuse, you can turn them into one giant floor cushion or pouffe. Buy pre-made covers or make your own to match your decor, then fill them with everything you have. You can lay out the pillows strategically, or empty them and just use the old stuffing. You can even add old sheets for extra stuffing or some boxes for stability. You can even try a beanbag-style cover for even more cushion variety.

You can easily make new poufs and floor cushions out of old pillows.

Turn into a throw pillow/decorative cushion

Empty your old pillow and compress the filling into a smaller pillowcase, or use several in a large decorative throw pillow. Once again, you can either find a pre-made cover or make your own. Whether you sew, crochet, knit or stitch, you can give your bedroom pillow a brand new life in your living room.

Throw pillows and decorative cushions are a great way to light up a living room or bedroom.

Make stuffed toys

Repurpose your pillows into stuffed toys by reusing the pillowcase, stuffing, or both. You can find plenty of great patterns and tutorials online, or you can take the opportunity to experiment and just wing it! You can make plenty of amazing sentimental toys for kids, pets and adults alike.

Use your old pillows as spare stuffing or to make sentimental toys for the whole family.

Use them for packing

Moving somewhere, or just need to store some valuables away? Whether you want to deliver a package safely or want to protect your fragile valuables while moving, you can use your old pillows, or even just the stuffing, as packing filler. Put them between stacks of crockery, tie or tape them around your electronics, and use them around sharp corners or rough edges to prevent accidental bumps and damage - to your furniture and to you!

Use old cushions to protect your valuables in storage or while moving.

Double up your pillows

When your fluffy pillows become flat, you may be able to insert two pillows into one cover. This will make your pillow feel plush and supportive again, so you can use it for at least a little longer. If you can’t quite fit them into a single regular pillowcase, you can always try fitting them into a European or king-sized pillowcase.

Double up the stuffing and fall back into a pile of pillows - the ultimate comfort.

Turn them into scraps

Once you’ve removed the stuffing, you can go nuts with your pillow covers and a pair of scissors. Cut into ribbons to use as filling for other projects or to make rag rugs. Cut into medium to large rags to use while cleaning, polishing, or painting. You can even create some easy fabric jewellery if you’re looking for some new accessories.

Pillow filling doesn't look like much, but it can be used for multiple projects.

What if my pillow doesn’t have fibre/polyfill stuffing?

Do you have a pillow made from feathers or memory foam that you’re not sure what to do with? You can easily recycle memory foam by cutting it into small pieces to create shredded/crumbled foam. This can be used on its own or mixed with polystyrene beads to make stuffing for cushions, bean bags, toys and more. As for feathers, did you know you can just add them to your compost? Simple, easy, and your garden will thank you!

Cut old memory foam into cubes or crumbs to use in other projects.

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