100% Natural Latex: Eco-friendly Choice for Better Sleep

100% Natural Latex: Eco-friendly Choice for Better Sleep

Imagine what it’s like waking up each morning feeling refreshed! 

A great night’s sleep is crucial for your health. It helps you recover from the hustle and bustle of a busy day and prepare you for the next day by relaxing your mind and body and dealing with your stress effectively. And for a good night’s sleep, what you sleep on greatly matters. If you are on a hunt for the best options out there, check out natural Latex mattresses and toppers. They are one of the popular choices and are sure to make a difference.

What’s latex? 

Latex is a natural material that comes from nature. It is the milky white sap collected from the bark of a mature rubber tree. The composition of latex consists of 40% of rubber material and 55% of water. The mattresses, toppers, and pillows made from this composition are comfortable to sleep on and environmentally friendly. They provide cushioned support and prevents sagging and loss of firmness and hardness. 

Types of latex mattresses

Latex is an impressive material, but not all latex is natural. It comes in four different types. 

  • Synthetic latex: It is an artificial material that is made from petroleum-based chemicals to create rubber polymers. These polymers are clumped, dried, and later transported to a manufacturing plant. 
  • Natural latex:  The natural latex foam is 100% natural as it is derived from a rubber tree, which makes it ideal for those looking for an all-natural option. It is comfortable and safe.   
  • Blended latex: This type of latex is a combination of natural and synthetic latex, resulting in a more durable, affordable material with fewer chemicals compared to synthetic latex. 
  • Hybrid latex: Hybrid latex foam is a blend of at least 2 inches of latex foam on the top and a coil base. This type is common, particularly among sleepers who want cushioning support and a bounce.

Natural vs synthetic latex – which one is better? 

Extracted from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasilienis), the natural latex overpowers synthetic latex in every way. Its natural composition makes it bouncy, comfortable, supportive, and eco-friendly. The mattresses and toppers made from natural latex will last longer and have enhanced breathability, keeping you cool and well-ventilated. They will also have a natural odour, similar to wood and may contain imperfections look-wise.    

On the other hand, synthetic latex is less bouncy and will tear off easily. It is smooth and light in weight. You may find it uncomfortable to sleep on these mattresses as it doesn’t allow proper airflow and may require flipping every few months. Furthermore, they are unsafe and unpleasant due to the presence of harmful compounds and toxic off-gassing.

Choose to go 100% natural!

Investing in 100% natural latex offers ample benefits.

Provides a good night’s sleep

    A natural latex mattress and topper is comfortable and delivers ultimate comfort. When you first lie down, you will slightly sink in it, but it will provide exceptional support to your body, keep you comfortable, and alleviate pain, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

    Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial

      Natural latex is hypoallergenic and offers resistance to mould, dust mites and bacteria, keeping your comfy space free from allergens. Hence, it makes an ideal choice for those suffering from year-round allergies. Furthermore, it does not release any harmful odours, ensuring you get a pleasant and safe night’s sleep.

      Long lifespan

        The natural latex material is highly durable. These mattresses and toppers last longer than other types before needing a replacement. So, enjoy years of a sound sleep with 100% natural latex.

        Good motion isolation

          Motion transfer is a common problem among people who share beds, and it is quite annoying, especially for those who are light sleepers. Natural latex does not transmit movement easily, which means no more sleep disturbances, only deep sleep.

          Sustainable and recyclable 

            The main ingredient in the latex foam is the milky white sap from the rubber trees, extracted through a process called ‘tapping’. It is a sustainable product as it is derived without harming the trees. Also, rubber trees are known for their rapid growth and long lifespan. Not least, every component of 100% natural latex is recyclable. All of these reasons make latex foam a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

            There are so many more good reasons to upgrade to natural latex products… If you are ready to make a healthy choice for your sleep, we have you covered.

            We provide 100% natural latex mattress toppers and pillows that suit your unique needs and preferences. No need to change your existing mattress, just place our mattress topper over it with our latex pillows! Our natural latex toppers and pillows are a clear choice for those wanting safe, long-lasting, comfortable, and eco-friendly options. 

            Explore our range of latex mattresses, toppers and pillows today! 

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